Thursday, January 10, 2013

'Jelly' Lichens...Remind you of your favorite PB&J?

Found two species of lichen similar looking and remind one of jelly, i.e. they are smooth skinned,  shiny at times, and moist and swollen when wet. Appropriately, one is named Blistered Jelly Lichen (Collema furfuraceum) and the other is Tattered Jellyskin (Leptogium lichenoides). These lichens are fairly small and inconspicuous; they share a like for growing on moss over rock. By the way, my favorite field trip snack sandwich is Franz 9-grain bread with chunky Jif and Smuckers blackberry jam:-) Living large, you can too...
Blistered Jelly Lichen
Tattered Jellyskin