Sunday, February 3, 2013

Great Gray Owl...Prepared, but Providential Find

Yet again (not a foregone conclusion), found Strix nebulosa at Maclay Flat (independently after a mere 5 tries:-)  Saw a great gray at this location two years ago. May be the same bird wintering at this spot for last couple of years...the Missoula birding community regularly checks for the bird and has nicknamed it "Waldo". I don't know of a pattern for finding this bird; it just takes plenty of scanning, attention, time and patience. Today, spotted the bird from about 150 yards away perched about 15 feet up in a Ponderosa pine bordering large open meadow.  Here's my look:
Great Gray Owl
Lucky to have caught sight of the white bow-tie against the gray background nestled in the greenery. It was great rush to find this bird. Might not have found this bird if I had not read Do The Work by Steven Pressfield; overcame internal resistance my case doing the hard work in finding this species/bird. For sure birding does not typically work like this; birds fly and sometimes far away (duh). So got lucky:-) Hope your findings are also great!