Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Vision Thing

Deepak Chopra introduced a mantra to me "Om Daksam Namah" (My life unfolds in divine order) in an online meditation course sponsored with Oprah that ended about a week ago. The meditations are really good and powerful, but have also found online life coaching advice from Marie Forleo that is a little less passive. A recent Marie TV episode visits 'Life Vision'; Marie in her whimsical, pithy fashion breaks down "is this all there is?"  She emphasizes "the world needs that special gift that only you have". Right on :-) My vision...it's all about adventure, discovery, learning while wildlife watching. Research has identified many 'restorative' benefits of being outside. Try to make it part of your vision even if it does not intersect with your career/doings directly; you can be outside at some point in time in your day. Plant and animal life can be found in the most urban of environments. Discovery and adventure is waiting for you...where you are. Here are some of my recent discoveries in the Bitterroot Valley (video taken at Willoughby 40).

Cous Biscuitroot

Moss (Polytrichium sp.)

Diploschistes  scroposus (Lichen)